Certificate of Authenticity

When selling works of art, it is important that the vendor provides a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a detailed invoice. With the certificate, the vendor certifies that the work of art is an original and authentic work. The certificate attributes the work to an artist and this follows the work throughout its lifetime. The certificate must be provided in future transactions or following an accident or loss. Authenticity enables evaluation of the work. The obligation for the vendor to deliver the work sold and paid for includes the obligation to provide an invoice and the Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity is established by an expert, an art dealer or the artist him/herself. The certificate engages the responsibility of the person issuing it.

The Certificate of Authenticity must mention the following:

  •          the artist’sname;
  •          the artist’sprofessionalnumbers (Maison des Artistes, SIRET, SIREN, etc.);
  •          the title of the work;
  •          a photo of the work (not compulsory);
  •          details of the technique, format and materials used;
  •          the date of creation of the work and the location of the artist’s signature;
  •          the artist’s signature (official stamp or fingerprint);
  •          the date of delivery of the certificate.

There is no specified format or page layout for the Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate may be laminated to ensure better conservation. Warning: it is important to keep the Certificate of Authenticity in a safe place as it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a copy. In case of loss, the certificate author may provide an attestation indicating, among other things, the name of the initial buyer of the work. The price of the work and the name of the buyer do not have to be mentioned in the Certificate of Authenticity. For even greater security, there are technical means to make a certificate forgery-proof and traceable (such as using watermarked paper that cannot be photocopied or scanned; security, e.g. electronic chips, security codes, etc.).


Certificate of Authenticity

I, the undersigned, Mr. Eric Dutertre, certifies that the work designated hereafter is an original.

Name/Title?of the Work: Freedom

Artist’s Name: Eric Dutertre

Technics/Materials used: …….

Dimensions: …….

Year of Creation: ……..

This certificate and information contained herein constitute proprietary rights to the work.

Established at Eysines – Bordeaux – France on …………(date)