Feeling inspired, and LIKE A BLACKSMITH, Eric Dutertre worked the materials to liberate the soul within; a soul that bears a name. Thus By-Dutertre jewellery was born, with each design bearing the name of a woman or a concept: Marvels, Freedom, Peace, etc., and with the By-Dutertre motto: Jewellery ‘which opens your heart, the gateway to peace and freedom’.


Chic is Byzance! Both outgoing and discreet, Eric Dutertre has more than one talent. Curious about everything concerning the world of art and luxury, he freely revisits the universe of jewellery and invites you to discover his collections of rings, bracelets and pendants… of an absolute modernity. The creator: Whereas most children collected Dinky Toys, Eric Dutertre shaped jewellery out of stainless steel wire – his girlfriends’ first names. Almost two years ago, wishing to give his future wife a unique and original present, he had the idea of creating for her a personalized piece of jewellery. The first ring of the Byzance range was born! The jewellery: Because, if God created woman, very soon afterwards came jewellery! Used to working metal, resin and acrylic materials with nearly 20 years’ experience in the craft, Eric Dutertre designed an initial ‘reverso*’ ring, named Byzance. He originally made it of gold, for his wife, but seeing the envious look of his wife’s friends, decided to design it in silver and in acrylic material in eight different colours. Another model, Basile, followed and many more rings were created, to be worn on their own, in twos or threes, mixing colours, depending on the wearer’s mood or outfit. Open or closed, worn with or without the matching bracelet, pendant, belt buckle, earrings… these ring collections are available in all sizes and are the prelude to other collections in the making. All items are designed in a very stylish way.Luxury for everyone: As to the brand? Why make it complicated? It is simply ‘By Dutertre’ because from the first pencil stroke to the marketing stage, he who wanted to be a designer is the sole craftsman of this jewellery. Present on the web at www.by-dutertre.com and in the shop.

Moreover, Eric Dutertre’s deep wish is to share two essential ideas: Peace and Freedom.