RING SIZE. A woman’s finger size is on average between 52 and 54. To find your size:

Stage 1: Use some white sewing thread (non-elasticated) and roll it tightly around the finger you wish to wear the ring on, more precisely roll it twice around the phalange that will bear the ring.

Marquage du fil Stage 2: Make a mark on both threads, at the same point.
Mesure du fil marqué, avec une règle Stage 3: Unroll the thread and measure the distance between the two points. If it is for instance 5.4 cm, then the ring size is 54. Repeat the measurement several times to obtain a reliable result. If necessary, average the results obtained.


Use one of your own rings (one that fits the target finger) and compare it to the various circles hereafter to determine your size. Move your ring until you find the matching internal diameter. When the internal diameter of your ring coincides precisely with the internal diameter of a circle, you have found the size that fits you.

BRACELET SIZE. The average bracelet size is around 18 cm for a woman and 20 cm for a man. Here’s how to find your bracelet size.

Stage 1: Measure your wrist using a tape measure, a piece of ribbon or string. Roll it loosely around your wrist, ideally you should have enough room to put a finger underneath (see drawing).


Stage 2: Add 1.5 to 2 cm depending on the style in which you want to wear the bracelet : tighter or looser

  • For the exact size, use your measurement

  • To wear it ‘close to the skin’, add 1 to 1.5 cm

  • To wear it ‘loose’, add 1.5 to 2 cm

Stage 3: Find the correspondence

  • S Size: wrist size of 13-15 cm
  • M Size: wrist size of 15.5 to 17 cm
  • L Size: wrist size of 17.5 to 19 cm