To wear a piece of jewellery is to wear your history” Eric Dutertre.

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  • Rings

    Our Rings are not only jewelleryfor wearing; they constitute in themselves a link to architectures, great moments in history or edifices.The Rings we offer share the aesthetics of monuments. See an example under the Marvels tab. Every highlight, every reflection from your jewelleryis only the reflection of the grandeur which we see as the ultimate marvel and is within ourselves like a guardian angel. The ring may be in the form of a unique, solitary, element, in which case we call it a UNITY.  Made of gold, silver, an alloy or an acrylic material, it moves with your spirit towards a bright or pastel colour to match what you desire at that instant. The SEVEN-BAND Ring will accompany you every day of the week, switching each day to a new colour.

  • Earrings

    Earrings that match either your ring, your bracelet, your pendant or your inner self…

  • Bracelets

    Our Bracelets are a reminder of what is very dear to both men and women: the notion of setting free, freeing freedom… The Bracelet or theBracelets on offer by BY-DUTERTREwill set you free and the delicious tinkle of the finely-worked chain will invoke in you the sound of Freedom… the freedom that brings immeasurable harmony to our universe and the music of the spheres will resonate within you. Every being, every human, every woman, every man and every child can wear the bracelet of Freedom. Opening the Freedom tab will be the first step towards that freestate of mind you seek… which you can offer as a present to your partner or to yourself. The Bracelet is an abrupt internal and external move towards healthy freedom. As with the ring, it is offered for sale by BY-DUTERTRE in the form of a single line, one unique element, called a UNITY, as well as in the form of three elements that allow various combinations of metal and colour, called a TRILOGY.

  • Sets

    Rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings… together are a further manifestation of BY-DUTERTRE’s understanding of the great notions of Peace and Freedom. Moreover, great strength arises from the magic of being tied… something inescapably apparent of the women or men that wear them. We wish you to experience these moments of philosophy in the sense of Sophia: Wisdom! And Humanity!

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items